May 7, 2018

6 ways to boost your CV this summer

The summer holidays are fast approaching. After your exams, you’ll have more free time than you’ve ever known. While it’s certainly a good idea to take a break after your final exam, it’s wise to make the most of your extended holiday by keeping busy.

So here are 6 ways to boost your CV this summer:

  1. Volunteer – Participating in voluntary work can be a great way to boost your CV if you lack formal work experience. This will also show that you’re motivated to help others and develop new skills.
  2. Raise money for charity – Go on a charity fun run or get involved with a fundraising society to raise money for a special cause. This not only shows that you care about your local community, it also shows that you’re keen to work with others to achieve a collective goal – an essential skill for the workplace.
  3. Have a summer job – Take on a summer job so you can earn an income and become more financially independent. Popular seasonal jobs include bartending, waitressing/waitering and retail assistants (all of which are great for developing your teamwork skills).
  4. Work abroad – Working abroad can be a fantastic opportunity to learn about another culture and boost your communication skills. This will also show that you can easily adapt to new environments.
  5. Do a short course – Taking a short course will help you add new skills to your CV and keep busy if you’re not working. For example, FutureLearn offers an extensive range of online courses ranging from business and management to history, languages and engineering. You can enrol on most of these courses for free, although you may need to pay to qualify for a certificate or to enrol in certain types of professional courses.
  6. Learn a language– Why not use some of your free time to start learning a new language or brushing up on what you may already know in French, Spanish or any other? Learning a language shows a prospective employer that you’re motivated and eager to develop new skills (and you don’t have to become fluent overnight!).If you’re already working, consider using some of your income to fund private tuition with a tutor specialising in modern foreign languages. However, group classes are often much cheaper and will enable you to meet other likeminded people who are passionate about the same language.

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