March 24, 2020

7 ways to personalise your customer service

Think back to a time when you received really great, memorable customer service. It’s likely that it involved an element of personalisation – you felt you were being treated like an individual rather than a number on a spreadsheet.

Personalisation involves showing that you understand the customer’s specific needs and circumstances and will adapt the experience accordingly. So try out these techniques and delight your customers with a personal experience that’s as unique as they are.

1. Greet me

It may be basic, but it’s important. A friendly smile and a greeting create a human connection and show that you’re here to help. The customer doesn’t want to feel like they’re inconveniencing you by approaching, so make sure they feel welcome.

2. Show me you know me

This is more than just getting the service right, but personalising the experience based on what you know about the customer. For instance, a waiter might seat you at your favourite table, advise you on dishes she thinks you’ll like, and knows what you mean when you order ‘the usual’.

3. Recognise our history together

If a customer has been coming to you for years, celebrate that history you have together! For example, a hairdresser might reminisce about previous events that he’s styled your for. They might have happened ages ago, but he remembers, and it’s little touches like this that strengthen the relationship.

4. Teach me something new

Help the customer to help themselves by teaching them something useful. It might be as simple as advising them on which size jeans to buy, or which jewellery goes best with their skin tone, but they’ll appreciate the time you took to improve their knowledge and skills.

5. Surprise me with something relevant

‘Wow, I never knew you did that!’ – this phrase is music to the ears of every customer service professional. For instance, a personal trainer might mention a new tanning bed they’ve installed in the gym, just in time for your holiday.

6. Understand my needs and circumstances

Imagine you’re at the reception desk of a hotel and a young family comes in. They might not be interested in the spa or gym, but they’ll probably be interested in the babysitting service. Guide people in the right direction depending on their circumstances, and don’t annoy them by mentioning products and services that aren’t relevant to them.

7. Individualise what you do

Taking a consultative approach, asking the right questions and advising a client based on a thorough understanding of their needs will make the client feel like your products and services have been designed specifically for them. This feeling of getting something that no one else gets is sure to have them raving about your business to everyone who’ll listen.

All of these techniques add up to enable you to offer a unique service, specifically tailored to your individual customer. This makes the customer feel valued, building that emotional connection that will keep them coming back for years to come.