November 14, 2017

Make that seasonal job permanent

So you’ve found the perfect holiday job.  It’s fast-paced with the season’s rush of customers but you’ve gained some new skills, new friends, you like the work, and the company. You find yourself wishing the holiday season would last a little longer. It’s time to start thinking about how to turn that holiday job into a more permanent position.

Just as the hiring process is often quicker for temporary seasonal jobs, your opportunity to prove yourself is also shorter. It takes a little planning—this is not something that can be left to chance on your last day of work—but it is possible. After all, if there’s work to be had an employer will always prefer a known entity to a stranger they’ll have to take a chance on.

Plan your next step

Does the job you want exist or is it a holiday-only job? The first thing you’ll need to know is what happens to the job at the end of the holiday season. Are you filling in for employees who are on holiday? Is extra staff needed to fill an increased need during the holidays, or is it a seasonal job that doesn’t exist the rest of the year?

If it’s a seasonal job, for example, you’ve been managing the line at Santa’s Grotto, do any year-round departments need a staff member with transferable skills, for example, excellent crowd control and upselling skills?

Demonstrate a strong work ethic

The best way to show your employer that you’d be an asset to the company long-term is to show that you’re not afraid of a little work. Be on time, every time and be willing to take on extra work, if needed.

Get to the task at hand and do it consistently and reliably. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you have a question but don’t stand around and wait for someone to tell you what to do. Show your ability to think for yourself and take initiative.

Have a good attitude

The holiday season is busy. You may be asked to take on extra work and extra shifts. Take on anything you can and do it with good grace. Volunteer for a variety of tasks; show you’re eager to learn all aspects of the operation.

Be helpful whenever you can: Build rapport with your co-workers and show them that you are willing to be flexible and fill in, where needed. Pay attention to the corporate culture and act like you belong.

Customers may also be feeling the stress of the holidays so go the extra mile for them, too. Being able to contribute to the team and not just your job makes you more attractive as a potential full-time employee. Above all, face all challenges with a positive attitude. Show your employer that you’re someone they can count on.

Make it easy to hire you

Your supervisors won’t know that you’d like a permanent position unless you tell them. Periodically remind your supervisor of your interest in a permanent position. If a permanent position is not available, let your supervisor know you’re available to cover holidays and sick leave for any co-workers. Don’t despair if this particular job doesn’t become permanent. It’s given you valuable experience that will make your next job application more successful.

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