February 28, 2018

Modern apprenticeships updated for today’s employees and employers

As the restoration of Battersea Power Station continues, this iconic building is becoming a draw for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Based on the needs of the local economy, the Circus West Village part of the site was planned as a space for small and independent businesses to thrive.

This is a unique opportunity to build apprenticeship programmes, not only in the trades traditionally associated with apprenticeships, such as construction, but also with the commercial tenants at the power station.

Battersea Academy for Skills & Employment (BASE) has created a programme to support the businesses that would like to hire apprentices but might not have experience in doing so. SMEs get the support they need to provide these opportunities while local residents get local opportunities.

We work as an intermediary, recruiting candidates and matching them with appropriate employers while providing training and links to apprenticeship programmes that combine learning with earning. This includes running job fairs and other public events, showcasing opportunities and building links with local colleges.

Apprentices get hands-on experience, a salary and an opportunity to gain qualifications on the job. An apprentice can take between one and four years to become fully qualified, depending on what level of career candidates are interested in. Some apprenticeships even offer the opportunity to earn a degree, another departure from traditional apprentice programmes.

Battersea Power Station anticipates that the development will create 17,000 long-term jobs in retail, hospitality, leisure and estate management.

Keep an eye on our talent pool for new apprenticeship opportunities at Battersea Power Station.