September 22, 2017

Top 5 paths to a fulfilling career

Everyone wants the perfect career. Unfortunately, it’s always easy to know what’s going to work best. You might be thinking about switching from your current employment and uncertain over what you want to be different. Or you might be looking for your first job and want to know you’re going to be on the right ladder. Whatever your goal – BASE can help you find the perfect fit for your ambitions.

There’s so much about the industries we work with to get excited about and involved in. Here are our top 5 career routes for fulfilling employment, no matter your goal.


If you like the idea of a fast-paced, high pressure and high reward work environment, then hospitality is for you. Whether you’re a waiter, a barista, a chef or anything else, the work is tough but there’s lots to get out of it. There’s scope for being creative, you’ll develop your interpersonal skills with plenty of customer interactions and you’ll learn how to work effectively under pressure. There’s a wide variety of work to do, and the hours change regularly, so your professional life will be constantly evolving and won’t get stale.

The best part? You’ll be surrounded by a team dedicated to the same goals you are. Jobs in hospitality give you access to a great atmosphere and a fun environment to work in where you’ll make new friends and push yourself to work hard. With responsibility from the outset, you’ll need to be on your toes but if you enjoy fast-paced, exciting and ever-changing work, you’ll thrive.


Some people think you should only dip in and out of retail while on your way to another career, but it’s actually an industry that’s increasingly rewarding the more you progress. You’ll be immersed in a demanding workplace from day one. You’ll need to plan and manage your time effectively, handle customer interactions with confidence and maintain a high standard of care for the area you work in. It presents a challenge, but it will get the best out of you. And that’s just the start.

Further down the line you’ll get the opportunity to explore a number of different branching career paths. You might choose to become a buyer, with a finger on the fashion pulse, constantly on the lookout for new trends and potential products while anticipating their demand. Or you might prefer to be something more technical, like a market researcher, analysing and dissecting consumer patterns and behaviour. Whatever your ambition, Retail is one of the few industries with the scope to fulfill it.


There’s a diverse selection of career routes to choose from in the leisure industry. If you value fitness and health, you might consider becoming a personal trainer, where you’ll get the chance to help others find out what they’re made of. There’s so much potential in an industry where you can be anything from a beautician to a sport therapist to feel out what you’d be best at. And whatever you choose to do, it’ll be incredibly fulfilling because it’s an opportunity to better yourself while helping others to do the same.

As you progress, leisure gives you access to perks you can’t get in other industries. A lot of the work is seasonal, so you’ll get the chance to take long breaks. This kind of flexibility will allow you to find the perfect work/life balance as you advance your career.

Estate management

If you like to take a pragmatic, organised approach to achieve great results then a career in estate management could prove a good fit. You’ll need a broad skill set, ranging from excellent customer care and service to the ability to think ahead and prepare for every eventuality. In return you’ll get the opportunity to work as part of a committed team and the chance to grow a sustainable and engaging career.

Whether you’re interested in getting into the nuts and bolts of build management, or you’d rather try your hand at being a concierge, estate management provides the opportunity to test yourself and see what you can accomplish.

Business and office

The office environment presents it’s own challenge. You’ll need excellent communication skills and a positive attitude to make the most out of working with your team. But it also comes with plenty of opportunity to try your hand at different things and find out what you’re best at and enjoy most. Whether you enjoy working with numbers or you’ve got good business acumen, the office environment will provide the flexibility you need to effectively develop your desired skillset.

You’ll need to be switched on from the start in a high-pressure workplace. But there’s huge scope for advancement and a long-term, fulfilling career, whatever route you choose to go down.

Explore your options with BASE

Every one of these industries is exciting, fulfilling and sustainable in the long-term. And they’re all sectors we work with at BASE. Our mission is to match exceptional people with exceptional employers, identifying your optimum skillset and what you enjoying most then finding you the best work to fit these things. So if you’re interested in employment in any of the industries, join our talent pool today.