July 31, 2017

Top CV missteps that’ll cost you

Seeing your CV is the first interaction a potential employer has with you. Writing and sending them isn’t a fun process, but it is crucially important. Here are some common mistakes that if avoided, will shorten that process and land you that job as soon as possible.


Often overlooked but you’d be surprised how often CV come littered with spelling and grammatical errors. It’s an easy mistake to make but it’s one that’ll cost you dear. With employers sifting through hundreds, even thousands of applications, don’t give them a chance to skip over your CV because there’s a spelling mistake in the second line.

Poor layout

Another easy mistake to make and another one with pretty severe consequences. To give yourself the best chance of getting through to a potential employer, make the information on your CV displayed as clearly as possible. Avoid long, waffle-packed paragraphs, and format properly. Allow some space in between each section (employment history, personal statement etc). This will make the read a bit easier.

Not enough information

Your CV is your chance to tell your potential employer everything that makes you great. Don’t undersell yourself. The tiniest detail about the volunteering you did over the summer might be enough to gain interest.


While you should cram in as much information as possible, keep an eye on whether it is entirely relevant. It’s always tempting to get all your details and employment history down on the page then send the same CV out far and wide. But you’re only wasting your own time in the long run. Look into the company you’re applying to and tailor the information where possible.

Too vague

What exactly does ‘best team member’ mean. This is a vague reference and won’t make your employer do anything other than roll their eyes. Be as specific as possible.

Mysterious gaps

If you’ve got a gap in your employment, don’t be afraid to explain this to your employer. Leaving a gap unexplained will only confuse and turn them off. Honesty is highly valued and they won’t discriminate against because you’ve taken time out to complete personal pursuits, go travelling or anything else.

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