December 8, 2019

Why applying for a job is the last thing you should do

When you’re job seeking it’s natural to want to find a role quickly, so your instinct might be to fire out a flurry of applications at an aggressive pace. After all, the more jobs you apply for, the better chance you have, right? Not so fast! Putting a bit of effort into researching the company and the position could make all the difference to the quality of your application, and save you time in the long run.

Here’s how doing a bit of research can help when applying for jobs:

Find out if they’re right for you

Job seeking is a two-way process – companies are checking if you’re a good fit for them and you’re also getting a sense of whether the company is right for you. By looking at an organisation’s website, social media feeds and mentions in the news you’ll get an idea of whether their way of working fits with your lifestyle, values and ambitions. If not, consider it dodging a bullet! 

Learn what they’re looking for

Once you’ve found a company that seems like a good match, it’s time to find out what they’re looking for in an employee. Check their job adverts, careers page and social media profiles to find out what skills, attributes, and experience they value most.

This shows which areas to emphasise in your application and interview. The aim is to stand out from the rest of the applicants and help the recruiter understand why you’re the right person for the job.

Find out about the business and their sector

Knowing a bit about the wider business can help you to explain why you’re interested in the role, and give you something to ask questions about in an interview.

Read the news sections of the company’s website, and search Google News for any mentions of recent shifts successes, failures, new product launches or changes in upper management. Also take a look at a few competitors, paying particular attention to how they differ from the company that you’re applying to – there might even be a specific question about this in the interview

As well as researching the company, it makes sense to review the overall industry. If you’re interviewing for a job at a hotel, for instance, it’s useful to be up to date on current hospitality trends to show that you’re thinking about the bigger picture.

Sprinkle your new-found knowledge throughout your application

Once you’ve done a bit of research, take what you’ve learned, think about how it overlaps with your skills and experience, and the role you’re applying for, then weave this insight throughout your CV and cover letter.

You don’t need to be a world expert on the company, you just need enough information to understand what they’re doing, where they want to go and how you can fit into their plans. Follow these tips and you’ll come across as an informed and enthusiastic candidate – an asset to any organisation!

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