August 31, 2017

Mother Pizza – Battersea’s latest slice of excitement

If you’re a Battersea-based pizza-lover, your meals out are about to get even tastier. Mother Pizza is one of the latest additions at Battersea Power Station and the growing scene of great food, exciting experiences and fulfilling employment opportunities in the area.

Mother was founded 10 years ago in the meatpacking area of Copenhagen where it established an immediate cult following. The owners, David Biffani and Nick Pound are very hands on in the business and were keen to see it achieve the same level of success here in London. The pair look set to make that happen.

The team at Mother go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality pizza in the best possible environment. They produce their own mozzarella and source their own wine from Italian vineyards. Oh, and they use seawater from off the coast of Barcelona in the dough. Who else in London can claim all that? To deliver this outstanding food with an equally excellent service, Mother’s team is carefully selected, well-trained and wholeheartedly dedicated to the best standard of customer care.

To get a better insight into this ethos we spoke with Yazz Abdulla, from Mother. He told us about the restaurant’s commitment to creating a relaxed and informal tone. ‘We hire people based on their personality’, he said. The restaurant is proud to have a diverse mix of individual personalities and an exciting, active atmosphere. And Yazz believes this is why it’s full of happy customers, as great customer service ‘all comes down to people’.

It’s been a very busy opening month, but Mother has settled into the area and is making the most of Battersea. Yazz says ‘Battersea is really great’, and told us it’s a lovely area to work and to live. We agree, and that’s why we’re passionate about working closely with employers and talent in the area. We see it as an opportunity to pair exceptional talent with exceptional business by giving people the skills they need to make a meaningful contribution to one of the most exciting redevelopment projects in the world. Yazz is behind what we’re doing and says, ‘There’s a skills shortage in London so it’s great to see people getting involved and doing something about it’.

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